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Here is why we are the definite green choice:

Save Trees

Our closest competitor, the dictionary, uses paper.
A dictionary is in fact a large book. So it uses a lot of paper. We don't.

What's more, you need a different dictionary for every country that speaks a different language. Not so with our gear. One Travel T-shirt works everywhere, every time. Think of all the trees we could save together...

No Plastics

As opposed to the other alternatives (a smart phone or a GPS), our apparel uses no plastics.
Plastic is one of the biggest pollutant on earth, and one of the least bio-degradable substance known to man.

No Energy Consumption

A smart phone or a GPS has an ongoing electricity consumption need, which inevitably leaves a larger carbon footprint than a product which does not, like ours.

No Batteries

Modern smart phones and GPS units use lithium ion batteries which are extremely polluting in the production process of the batteries themselves. But new data now reveals that the purchase of such products may in fact contribute to pay for murder and environmental ruin in Africa.

Indeed, cobalt is a key ingredient in the latest generation of powerful, long-lasting batteries for cell phones, laptops, and hybrid cars. About 80 percent of the world's cobalt supply is believed to be in central Africa's "copper belt", a band of ancient, mineral-endowed soil straddling Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Just as is the case with blood-diamonds in other parts of Africa, various rebel factions and the national army conduct mining of cobalt at gunpoint or extract levies at checkpoints along the roads to fund their fighting.

In addition to the human tragedy, the open-pit mining that produces cobalt is causing serious environmental degradation in the region.

Finally, let's not ignore the economic factor: the multinational mining conglomerates are basically draining these countries of their natural treasures without contributing enough to the economy or development of these desperately poor nations.

Go guilt free, stay politically correct with our battery-free, cobalt-free products.

Multi-Purpose Utility

Our product is not only an invaluable and green communication tool, it's also a garment.
Less resources used to produce, less waste after. How efficient !
As they say, two birds with one stone.

End of Lifecycle

When smart phones or GPS units are no longer in use, and with the speed of technological development, they are becoming obsolete faster and faster these days, they become hard to process, non-biodegradable waste, that often produces toxic chemical byproducts.

What about our apparel? Well, it's simply made of cotton and you can feel good about the fact that it will probably end its life as a useful cleaning rag, or be donated to the Rescue Mission or Salvation Army, or be recycled into another garment.

Recycled Cotton Option

And last but not least:
You can buy any of our designs in the Recycled Cotton T-shirt option.
Now you can feel good about that, again.

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