Our travel apparel with I.C.O.N.S. technology is an international wayfinder and a universal communicator, all wrapped into one, with the dual purpose of being clothing as well.

Simply put, it is the BEST international travel tool out there.

Take it with you for the practicality and convenience factor, but also for the layer of safety and security it ads to your travels, no matter where you go in the world.

Our apparel integrates our I.C.O.N.S. technology into every design.

I.C.O.N.S. stands for Internationally Communicating Ornamental Notification System

It is the most useful and practical example of iconography you'll find anywhere.
Each apparel edition has a carefully chosen object based phrase-book printed on it.

Simply point a finger at the question mark and then at the pictogram you need and you will be understood anywhere in the world. [We recommend smiling all the while for greater results]

Our I.C.O.N.S.™ concept is not just a cool layout, it is a carefully developed form of offline non-verbal communication system, with a patent pending design (patent pending #61486052).

Indeed, each of our I.C.O.N.S.™ editions is copyrighted, and each symbol in its respective phrasebook either meets or exceeds ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) guidelines for visual acuity.

The goal is to make sure the icons we integrate in our apparel have substantial public acceptance, great visual equity, and crisp legibility.

They are also optimized for viewing at threshold during a face to face conversation with another person.

The choice and placement of symbolsin each phrasebook version is the result of a careful selection based on research and testing of both usefulness and recognition.

We aim to make sure our symbols are culture independent, globally recognized and internationally understood. The 3 criteria we use when reviewing symbols are:

- Identification:
How easily recognizable is it,

- Information:
Does it ask a substantial enough question, one that cannot be otherwise mimicked,

- Probability:
How useful is it and how often will you need it compared to other candidates..

In addition, we continually review each I.C.O.N.S.™ phrasebook and try to improve on it, and welcome suggestions from travelers like yourself to help us make sure it contains everything you need in each edition. For this reason, we have established a suggestion form here and welcome your feedback.

Final Word
We always recommend having as many tools with you as you can when you travel so you have all angles covered. The GPS / Phone / Dictionary are all good things, and have their advantages too. But in the end, if you only want to carry one thing with you, the ease, efficiency, and double utility nature of our product is what makes it a traveler's best friend.

Now even if you already have any or all of the other alternatives (GPS / Phone / Dictionary), get our apparel for the additional communication tool and safety net that it is. It is so affordable you would be remiss not to.

For more information on how we engineer our designs, please click here.



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